Holistic Balance Sheet Management is all about highly personalised financial planning, sophisticated investment management and regular strategic reviews delivered by our experienced Wealth Managers.

Why do we look at your Holistic Balance Sheet?

Rather than just “selling a product’, we believe professional wealth management is the art of considering your whole financial situation. By looking at your entire balance sheet, we help you recognise how much you have in financial assets (cash, bonds and equities), real assets (property, commodities and collectibles) and debt (mortgages, loans, credit cards). Together with your protection needs we gain an understanding of where you are and where you want to be. Only then can we put together a detailed and robust plan to help you reach your financial goals.

Our market leading wealth management team aims to provide our clients with peace of mind that their balance sheets perform well against mutually agreed performance benchmarks and according to their risk/volatility profiles.

Integrity and professionalism are key to ensure that our clients benefit from:

  • Client-driven wealth management solutions;
  • Insights gained from regular market reviews and reports from a network of leading financial analysts;
  • Access to trusted professionals such as fund managers, lawyers, trust experts and accountants;
  • The strength and flexibility of the best products available from major fund houses, account providers, insurance companies and private banks; and
  • Regular Strategic Reviews that keep balance sheets on track.

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