10 Jan 2021
Monthly Viewpoint – December 2020

Returns in 2020 of 16% from global developed world equities, 18% from emerging markets, and 10% from global government bonds (all in USD terms) mask the enormous turmoil wrought by the coronavirus pandemic and the scale of its economic, financial and human damage:

14 Dec 2020
Scotched Eggs

There are signs of life
on the high street and
hope for 2021 with
the vaccine rollout
gathering pace just five
weeks after the first
vaccine discovery was

7 Dec 2020
A Pack of Wolves

When I was a kid, the concept of wolves being dangerous, aggressive animals was instilled in me: they growl, they stalk, they kill. Yet, have you ever heard spine-tingling howls breaking through the night? It is primordially majestic. As I grew up, I found myself seeing wolves as fascinating, widely misunderstood creatures. I had to find my own pack.

17 Nov 2020
Light at the end of the tunnel

News last week of a potentially highly effective vaccine against Covid-19 has raised hopes that there is an end in sight to what has been an extremely challenging time for countries around the world. The virus has claimed the lives of 1.25 million people and paralysed the world economy.

10 Nov 2020
Cheque List

Over the weekend we had confirmation that Joe Biden has won the race to become the next President of the United States of America. Despite Trump claiming election fraud, vowing legal action and thus refusing to concede, Biden is set to take up residence in the White House.

6 Nov 2020
Inflated expectations?

It has been one of the main discussion points of the past three years, five years and even decades in the case of Japan: will inflation return? Low prices and ultra-low rates must surely end at some point; or maybe not… We are amid a pandemic and going through a period of depressed economic activity, so why would inflation even register on investors’ radars?






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